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Admission to the Farm Universities is made subject to reservation of seats for:

  • Agriculturists or children of Agriculturists – (23.8% Shall be revived based on the anticipated Govt Order): “Agriculturist” for this purpose means a person who, as owner or tenant, holds land and whose main source of income is from personal cultivation of the land and including any person whose principal means of livelihood is from manual labour in Agricultural / Animal Husbandary / Fisheries activities, the seats of which will be filled through Practical Test conducted by the Universities.
  • The remaining seats (76.2%) are treated as General seats. For both Agriculturist and general quota vertical reservation is given as per the existing reservation policy of Government of Karnataka i.e. reservation shall be made in favour of candidates belonging to Schedule caste, Schedule tribes and other Backward Communities (OBC) as nitified by the Government of Karnataka under categories: Catagory-1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, in accordance with the Government order No SWL 251 BCA 94 Bangalore dated 31-1-1995 and as amended from time to time, the seats of which will be filled through WEB counselling.
  • Candidates claiming reservation under Agriculturist quota i.e., Agriculturist or children of Agriculturist including Agricultural labourer, should furnish the Certificate duly certified by the Revenue Tahasildar of the area affixing the signature, seal and date in the application format itself. In case of candidates whose parents draw salary, they are required to produce a Salary Certificate. In case of candidates whose parents have income from sources other than Agriculture and salary they are required to produce a Affidavit.
  • However, if the land is not divided to the name of the parent but is in the name of the candidates’ grand parent, the candidate shall produce additional certificate from the Tahasildar / PDO of the concerned Gram Panchayat indicating that the candidate belongs to a undivided family and that the parents of the candidate are not drawing The seats will be allotted based on the merit and roster as prescribed by the Govt. of Karnataka from time to time.salary from any source and depend solely on agriculture for their livelihood.
  • All relevant certificates mentioned in Documents to be produced and verified section. Agriculture quota seat reservation is applicable only to clause code (a), (b), (f), (h), (j), (k), (l) and (o).
  • For the seats reserved for Agriculturists or Children/ward of Agriculturists, mode of admission shall be as under:

    The merit list will be prepared based on 25% marks each, secured in concerned combinations in II year PUC science & CET and 50% marks secured in the Practical Test. In case of B.V.Sc & AH merit will be prepared based on 50% of Marks secured in CET (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and 50% of marks scored in the practical test. The Practical Test shall be conducted for 200 marks in the Universities on the specified date. The Agriculture Practical Examination will be held on specified date at the following Practical Examination Centres:

    KVAFSU, Bidar / UHS Bagalkot / UAS Dharwad / UHAS Shimoga / UAS Bangalore / UAS Raichur.

    The Practical Examination shall consist of any or all of the following:

    a) Ploughing over a short length, b) Yoking of Bullocks, c) How to approach Cattle for milking, d) How to hold a lamb or sheep, e) Identification of Agricultural Implements, f) Identification of Grains, g) Identification of Agricultural Fertilizers / Manuers, h) Identification of Fruits / Vegetables, i) Identification of Agricultural Crops, j) Identification of Agricultural / Veterinary / Fishing, Equipments, k) Identification of Forest Species, l) Identification of Fodder Crops, m) Identification of Farm Animal, n) Transplanting of Paddy, o) Harrowing over a short length, p) Seeds sowing, q) Weeding, r) Harvesting

    The candidates who fail to appear for practical test will be considered as ‘Not eligible’. Those candidates who attend the Practical Test and score less than 100 marks will also be considered as ‘Not eligible’ for claiming seats under this quota.

    The seats will be allotted based on the merit and roster as prescribed by the Govt. of Karnataka from time to time.